Lenart Physical Education



Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):


            It is a new school year at Lenart Elementary with many new, exciting activities.  Your child is beginning a new physical education program with new movements and activities.  My name is Mr. McCracken, this is my eleventh year instructing physical education at CPS.  It is essential that your child comes prepared and is ready to learn and exercise.  Now that school has begun, we will be inside the gymnasium (or outside pending weather) during class.  It is important that your child has a Lenart physical education uniform to participate in P.E. each and every day of class.  At Lenart, we feel that every child has the right to be physically educated and know about their muscles and what each muscle does.  We want every boy and girl to learn and have fun and to do it in a safe, friendly environment.  At all levels, personalized learning and the individual’s development of a positive self-concept are hallmarks of a quality program.  My goal, as your child’s physical educator, is for every child to be a winner - self directed, resourceful, creative, and aware of their body and what it can do; to be able to enjoy and value physical activities and appreciate his or her own contributions.

            Your child will be expected to dress in his/her physical education attire the administration and staff at Lenart has designated. 


Items needed for Physical Education

  1. Athletic shoes (no boots, dress shoes, or loafers)
  2. Physical education uniform – one of the following
    • Lenart T-shirt and Shorts
    • Lenart Sweatshirt and Sweatpants


Mr. McCracken

Lenart Elementary Regional Gifted Center  

Physical//Health Education



Lenart Elementary Regional Gifted Center Physical Education


Daily Grading

  1. Daily class participation/effort – Student actively participates in all class activities.
  2. Attitude/Respect/Behavior – Students must treat others how they would like to be treated.  Always respect the teacher and fellow classmates.
  3. Following Directions - Students will be assessed on a daily basis on how well they follow instructions.
  4. Fitness Skills – The student demonstrates an appropriate level of fitness/skill during each unit being taught (physical fitness includes push-ups, sit-ups, line-jumps, jumping jacks, squats, etc).
  5. Knowledge – Students will be questioned on a daily basis on the skills/lesson being taught.
  6. Dress Code – Students will be graded on their daily dress.  It is important that all students wear P.E. uniforms and gym shoes.
  7. No phones allowed in class or the gymnasium.  They are to be put away in their backpack or duffel bag.
  8. Students are graded on their demonstration and knowledge of personal space. 


Grading Scale – 10 points per day on above criteria

  • Daily class participation/effort – 20%
  • Attitude/Respect/Behavior – 20%
  • Following Directions – 10%
  • Fitness Skills and Knowledge – 10%
  • Dress – 40%


Safety/Equipment Use

  • No student can use/touch equipment without permission from the instructor.
  • Students must follow all safety rules and class requirements to insure safety.  I make sure that the gym is a safe environment for each and every student. 
  • No jewelry is to be worn during classroom activities; it must be taken off in the student’s classroom, not in the gym once the student has arrived.
  • Students may not bring purses, bags, pens/pencils, anything with them to P.E. class.
  • Care and proper use of all equipment and facilities is expected.  Students will be held accountable for damage done to any equipment.

I have reviewed in class all these classroom policies.  These rules and policies are indeed created for the safety of each and every student.  Thank you for adhering to the rules of P.E.


Illness/Medical Excuses

  • If a student is not feeling well and does not have a note, he/she should dress for the activity and do their best.  If it is obvious the student is not well, the teacher will allow the student to sit out or be sent to the office.  I am reasonable but it will be the teacher’s digression.


*****If for any reason, you cannot afford the P.E. uniform the first week of school, it is a necessity that you come see me or contact me via email so that we can work out a plan and set a date when you can purchase the uniform.   I can’t stress enough that your child needs a P.E. uniform.  They will sweat so they must be prepared for class.  My intention is for your child to sweat in his or her P.E. uniform and keep their school outfit/uniform as fresh as possible for the remainder of the day.